Call For Papers

Guidelines of Abstract Submission
1. Abstract requirement
    Total number of words for the tittle 140 characters
    Total number of words for the body 1,600 characters
    Total number of Authors (first author and co-authors) up to 10 authors
    Total number of Affiliations up to 5 affiliations
    (1) All abstracts are required to be written in English.
    (2) All abstracts must be submitted online.

2. Submitting Abstracts
    All abstracts must be submitted online. Please click here.
    When submitting abstracts, authors are required to choose:
    1) Presentation styles
        A. Oral Session
        B. Poster Session
        C. Video Session (not YAG)
        D. YAG video session
    2) Categories of the Abstract: 
        01. General (Environmental Health) 16. Complication
        02. Hysterectomy 17. Education/Training
        03. Myomectomy 18. Anatomy
        04. Endometriosis 19. Outcome/Statistics
        05. Adenomyosis 20. Hysteroscopy
        06. Infertility 21. Falloposcopy
        07. Anomaly 22. Microwave endometrial ablation
        08. Ovarian Tumor 23. Fetoscopy
        09. Ectopic Pregnancy 24. Elderly Person
        10. Malignancy 25. Obesity
        11. Single port/Reduced port/Needle scopic/NOTES 26. Oncofertility
        12. Prolapse 27. Basic research
        13. Robotics 28. Medical Staff
        14. Technique 29. Miscellaneous
        15. Device

3. Instructions for Paper Abstracts and Poster Abstracts 
    APAGE requires a structured abstract which includes the following segments: 
    Objective  Begin with a clear, concise statement of the precise objective or question presented in the study. 
    Methods  Indicate the measurement(s) of primary study outcome which has been planned before data collection begins. If the manuscript does not report the main planned-outcomes of a study, this fact should be stated and the reason should be indicated. State clearly whether the hypothesis, which was being tested, was formulated during or after data collection. Explain some outcomes or measurements which might be unfamiliar to the general medical readership. 
    Results Describe the methods of assessing patients and state the key results; this section must include data, even if preliminary.
    Conclusion State clearly the conclusions and clinical applications that are supported by the data. Advice, if additional study is required before this information, should be used in clinical settings. 

4. Instructions for Video Abstracts*
    *Please be sure to submit your abstract first. Then please send an e-mail to the administrator/commitee with information of your abstract registration number. 
    Uploading Video 
< How to Submit the Video > 
    Submission Deadline: July 10, 15.00 Jakarta time (GMT + 7), 2018
    Step1: Please upload the video to Google drive. 
    Step2: Please send an e-mail to the secretary office with information of URL download 
    Step3: Please send an e-mail to the administrator/commitee with information of download password.
    Step4: Administrator/commitee will send you a confirmation e-mail. 
    Video uploaded subject <Video Title>_<Authors Name>
    Video Length no longer than 6 minutes 
    Narratio in English. 
    Video Quality  Videos must be of good visual quality. Videos should not be lower than 720×480 resolutions. For Non- Surgical Videos, be sure all graphs, charts and statistics are clearly readable and verbally described. 
    Video Format  MPEG4 such as MP4
Formats are very good and acceptable: .avi, .mov, .mpg 
    Compatibility Compatibility Windows Media Player or QuickTime

5. Award Competitions for Abstracts 
    Awards will be made to acknowledge excellent research in advancing minimally invasive gynecology. The award competitions for paper, poster, and video are open to all. Please select the competition you want an abstract to be entered into the Online Abstracts Submission System. 
AWARDS Competitions 
1 Video Award* Abstract First / Video 1** All Video
2 Poster Award*** Abstract First a few**** Check the "apply" on the Poster Award
3 Presentation Award Presentation a few All
*As a result of the review, some will be selected as a speaker of a Video Session (General) on July 10, 2018. Others will be a speaker of an Oral Session.
**There will be a Video Award Ceremony at the Gala Dinner on November 9, 2018. If you are selected as an awardee, please be sure to attend the ceremony.
***When your presentation style is changed to an Oral Session as a result of the review, you still need to set up your poster.
****There will be a Poster Award Ceremony at the Closing Ceremony on November 11, 2018. If you are selected as an awardee, please be sure to attend the ceremony.

6. Young APAGE Group (YAG) and Award Competitions
    Doctors under 40 years old, or ones who has received training in APAGE certified facilities in less than 5 years are welcome to participate in YAG abstract submission. If you want to participate in the competition for YAG awards, please select the competition on the Online Abstracts Submission System when submitting the abstracts.
Award Description Submission Requirement Award Recipient(s) Eligibility
YAG (Young APAGE Group) Award* Video 1 All
*As a result of the review, some will be selected as a speaker of a YAG Video Session on November 11, 2018. Others will be a speaker of an Oral Session.